Fabric mask in Fig


This adult-size fabric mask is sewn out of Fig, a brand new fabric at Mutthead with moths on a dusky purple background. Pattern placement may vary. It features two layers of soft cotton fabric, adjustable-fit sides, a wire over the bridge of the nose and a filter pocket on the inside. You can choose 1/4" elastic that goes behind your ears with beads to adjust the tightness, as shown in the image; or by request, 5/8" elastic that goes around the back of the head. (It will come with ear elastics by default.) This will fit men and women. 

It is machine washable and can be dried in the sun or dryer.

**NOTE** For every mask bought on mutthead, we will be donating one to someone in need, whether they work in healthcare, USPS, the grocery store, etc (up to 50 masks).