Reversible Bandana in Hudson and Lolly

Our over-the-collar style bandanas are like getting two accessories in one! This listing is for a bandana with Hudson, a fabric with big and little anchors in grey on dark blue, on the front and Lolly, seaweed, on the back. Because what goes better together than boat parts and lake vegetation?

What's so great about an over-the-collar bandana? Mostly that it will never fall off and get lost. And, being reversible is pretty nifty too.

These bandanas are sizes proportionate to our collars, but will go over any buckle collar, depending on the size of the hardware:

XS (ideal for cats and tiny dogs): 7" side to side, fits over a 1/2" wide collar

Small: 9" side to side, fits over a 3/4" wide collar

Medium: 11" side to side, fits over a 1" wide collar 

Large: 16" side to side, fits over a 1" wide collar