Where do you come up with the names for each fabric? 

Each fabric style is named for a pet. For instance, the fabric with the little zoo animals is named Greenbean, and that is the dog you see modeling here at Mutthead. The other current Mutthead pets are Nene, Pippi, Casey Jones, Maybellene, Miss Otis, and Delaney. Think we should name a fabric after your favorite four-legged? Send us a message on the Contact page.

Do you have items in stock, or do you custom make them?

Both. It would be impossible for us to have every product, in every size, in every fabric made and waiting. So, we have some products, in some sizes, in some fabrics, and then anything else we make to order. We have recently changed the system of the website, so now everything available to purchase is in stock. If you want a size that is sold out, just email us and we'll make it up for you.

I bought the wrong size, what should I do?

Send us an email with 14 days of purchase. We are happy to replace the collar as long as it is unworn and in new condition. You are responsible for shipping yours back and for the new one, too. 

I tied up my dog and then it pulled really hard and broke the collar. 

Please don't tie up your dog. It is better that it broke the collar than broke your dog. 

My Mutthead gear is dirty. Can I wash it?

You sure can! All the fabrics are pre-washed so they shouldn't shrink or do anything weird in the wash. Launder on cold and gentle or air dry.

I think my hardware/snap malfunctioned. What should I do?

Please email us. We have recently changed the snaps we use, so there should be fewer problems with them. We aim to make the highest quality pet gear we can, so please let us know if there is an issue.

Who makes Mutthead products?

Mutthead gear is American made. The fabrics we buy are nearly always designed by American designers, and we purchase our hardware and webbing from small American distributors. Then each piece is handcrafted with love by Ruth and Sarah Lou.