Mutthead began in 2011 as a one-woman-with-three-dogs-and-a-cat operation by Ruth, an artist. While living in Nashville, she rescued a dog who happens to be poorly drawn, with a head too small, so regular buckle collars slipped right over her head. Unable to find a martingale collar for her locally, Ruth made her one. Orders by Facebook friends followed immediately. The handmade collar for Nene showed an obvious need in the marketplace for fashionable martingale collars; standard buckle collars, matching leashes and cat collars followed. In July of 2012, Sarah Lou (a three-cats-and-a-dog kind of girl, who also happens to be a super-talented singer-songwriter) bought an air-conditioner off Craigslist from Ruth and her husband, and soon Sarah Lou and Ruth were inseparable. When Ruth and her husband had to move from Nashville to Pennsylvania, rather than bringing their established relationship of friendship+business to the pound, they decided to keep it up over the long distance. Sarah Lou starts the collars and Ruth finishes them, making Mutthead the way The Postal Service recorded albums.

At Mutthead, we make buckle and martingale dog collars for dogs of all sizes, leashes, as well as cat collars. We also have matching bow ties and reversible bandanas!


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