Custom Zip Bag
Custom Zip Bag Custom Zip Bag Custom Zip Bag Custom Zip Bag

Would you like a zip bag in a specific fabric? Perhaps one that matches a collar and/or leash, or just one you like? Purchase this listing and add a note at checkout with the fabrics you would like. Please choose one for the outer fabric and one for the lining/tab loops.

If you're going have to pick up somebody's poop, you might as well make it cute! These little zip bags will hold a roll of poop bags and clip to your leash or your belt loops. In fact, these bags don't have to hold poop bags. They can hold your keys and license and some money if you don't want to carry a big bag. You can keep them in your car with change for parking meters. It's up to your imagination!

It measures 4" long (excluding loops), approx. 2.5" wide and 1.5" deep.