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Brand Rep Search!

Want to be part of the mutthead crew? We're searching for our first Instagram Brand Reps! We will choose 3 lucky pets to get the following: $30 worth of free mutthead gear (you get to choose what you want!), a coupon code worth 25% off any orders for the next 3 months, and a coupon code to share with your followers for 15% off. 

What do you need to do? It's easy.

1. Head on over to Instagram and make sure you follow us @muttheadgear.

2. Like one of the Brand Rep Search posts.

3. Post a picture on your feed of your pet looking its most dashing, and why you'd be a good team member. Make sure you use the hashtag #muttheadbrandrep and tag us @muttheadgear so we can find your post.

4. If we choose you, all we ask is that you promote the mutthead brand once a week during your 3-month agreement, and give us permission to repost any pics of your pet in mutthead gear.

That's it! We are picking our new partners on March 24, 2017.