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The Dreaded Fear of Missing Out

This weekend is the Porter Flea in Nashville. This semi-annual sale is a high point in our year, both exhausting and exhilarating. When it was time to apply to this Holiday Flea, Sarah Lou and I looked at a perfect storm of scheduling conflicts and rather than creating a potential customer service disaster, we passed on the opportunity. (If you don't know me, you might think this was an easy decision. It wasn't! Not only do we love participating, it is an important weekend of sales. And I generally try to DO ALL THE THINGS.) The only other time I didn't apply, besides the very, very first Flea, was the summer three years ago when I had literally just had a baby and we were selling our house and moving. 

My father always used to say once you make a decision, that's it. Never second guess yourself.

I'm working on that. 

But, in the spirit of the Flea, I am offering free shipping on all orders from now through Sunday. (U.S. addresses only.) Please use code "FREESHIP16"

Have fun, Nashville friends! See you on the flip side.