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On Being In ELLE

A little story. 

In 2004, my husband and I moved to Seattle. This was pre-babies, and pre-mutthead, when my side hustle was making jewelry. Because of an amazing community art center in our neighborhood, and Seattle's position as a hub of art jewelers, I was able to really pour a lot of creative energy into learning and making. A teacher of mine, who became a mentor and close friend, was a therapist by day, and one of her favorite idioms was Write it down, Make it happen. 

I wanted to be in the fashion magazines. 

Fast forward twelve years. We've moved four more times. I put my metalsmithing on hold (temporarily) because of pregnancies and baby wearing, and the non-toxic side hustle to my side hustle, mutthead, gained momentum. (And I get to do it with a best friend, who not only does my bidding but encourages me when I'm overworked and worn out.) Then mutthead was seen by the right person at the right time, and we were asked to make a selection of items and send them right away to New York for a photo shoot for potential inclusion in the December Gift Guide of ELLE. I waited anxiously during the day of the shoot. I waited anxiously during the design of the issue. I waited anxiously while they were getting printed. THEN THE MAGAZINE CAME OUT AND I NEARLY HAD A CORONARY. A magazine with a circulation of 800,000 and there was a bandana I made on Cindy Clawford. (JK, her name is Stella.) And on the gift guide page with Iris Apfel. I can't handle it!

The proof of the humor of the universe? Stella the cat belongs to the Senior Accessories Editor of the magazine. If my jewelry had ever made it to the pages, she's the one who would have decided it. When you write it down and make it happen, be very clear.

I am super happy. But what I am most grateful for is bigger than just mutthead. It's the fact that a major fashion magazine is willing to put indie makers in their publication. That's a super big deal! That show of support is unbelievably beneficial, and for that, I am so thankful, both for myself as well as all the other people out there, juggling regular life with being business owners, just because the call to make things with our hands is too strong to ignore.